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Heater Safety Inspection


The benefits of having a Heater Safety Inspected are:

At Advanced Comfort Technology we provide our customers with a 6 month Trouble Free guarantee* with all of our Heater Safety Inspections. *(If the system breaks down within the 6 month period we will waive the Diagnostic charge.)

Heating Tune-up and Safety Check includes:

  1. Check furnace safety controls.
  2. Inspect pilot/ignition controls.
  3. Inspect burner for maximum efficiency.
  4. Inspect for gas leaks at furnace.
  5. Measure heating efficiency.
  6. Inspect electrical connections.
  7. Air filter will be replaced or cleaned if needed.
  8. Clean and check thermostat calibration.
  9. Test gas valve operation.
  10. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks.
  11. Check flue for proper operation.
  12. Check for excessive noise or vibration.
  13. Lubricate parts as needed.
  14. Replace batteries in home's carbon monoxide detectors.
  15. Provide inspection report and advise customer.

The Cost for all this is only $105.00

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