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Price List


The prices listed below are some of the most common calls we get and are strictly for comparison purposes only.


Diagnostics (Service Call) Bakersfield area $95.00

The $95.00 covers the cost of determining what is wrong with the unit (Heating/Cooling), after determining the problem the customer will be given a cost for repair that cost will include a $40.00 credit and will show on your invoice as a diagnostics credit.

As an example if a customer had another company come out and do a diagnostics and determined the condenser fan motor was bad and needed to be replaced and the customer called us for a price we would quote the customer $325.00, however, if we went out and did the diagnostics (for $95.00) the customer would be charged an additional $285.00 for the condenser motor to be replaced.

A/C Tune-up- $105.00

Capacitors- Single run $100.00, Dual run $125.00

R-22 Freon- $95.00 per pound

R-410a Freon- $50.00 per pound

Condenser fan motor- $325.00

TXV replaced- $350.00 plus cost of freon if needed

Leak detection- $85.00 an hour

Control Boards- Varies (average cost $360.00)

New units- varies (call for estimate)

Evaporator coil replacement- varies (call for estimate)